The Mantra

About Tanya

first love yourself

Why did I decide to FIRST LOVE MYSELF? Because changes in my life needed to be made. I was your typical “Type A” personality with a huge side of worry. My stresses were spilling over to my Son. I took a look in the mirror and said Tanya, it’s time.

I have been a work in progress for FIVE years. I will continue to be a work in progress. I will become a better person every single day by LOVING MYSELF. I do this to lead by example, and to provide the tools for Jack to be his best self.

My journey of “self-love” began with “Goal Boards” (thanks to my beautiful friend Triston). They consisted of  training for a Tough Mudder, reading “figuring myself out” books, learning to “let go”, spending quality time with my Wee, and going into business for myself.

Next, I started my “Days of JOY” (my version of daily gratitude). I also dove into meditation, and made the commitment to set one or two physical goals every year. I did these for three reasons….to continually challenge myself mentally and physically, to show Jack how important joy, chilling out, and exercise is, and to live my greatest life.

The following year I completed my Spartan trifecta. Next I became certified in Les Mills BodyCombat. Three years ago, I received my Fitness Instructor Specialist certification. Please let it be known that as a single Momma, all this would have been impossible without the love and support of my Dad and Rita.

While living in the present is the most amazing way to exist, the “goalboard” is always in play. I have recently completed my Healthy Eating & Weight Loss certification, and am slowly working on my PADI.  2018 has been awe-inspiring. My physical goal was the Spartan Beast in Montana. I also ran the Spartan Sprint Calgary in August. Jack completed his first Kids Spartan as well. WHOOP!!

My 2019 will be the completion of my RYT200 yoga certification, and finishing top 5 in my age group at the Spartan Beast Montana (sadly this has to wait until 2020 due to an injury🙃).

I have consistently maintained a level of fitness, even through my “pre-Jack” days. Exercise has ALWAYS made me feel good. It’s my go-to when I’ve felt shitty emotionally, mentally, and physically. My other go-to has been really great people. Thank you Melly-Mel for giving me the push and helping me make what I’m meant to do a reality. I love and appreciate you.

The combination of fitness, fun, and community is what has made F.L.Y. Wellness a success! !! It makes my heart sing to see beautiful people coming together to grow, sweat (of course), laugh, and love.

I look forward to being a part of your happiness for years to come,

Happy day, and FIRST LOVE YOURSELF!!